I do these videos ever year or so, they are basically videos that I’ve done over the course of the last year edited together to create one super edit.

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20 thoughts on “Most Savage Sports Highlights on Youtube (S01E01)

  1. @11:00. I bet and won on every fight Ray Jr had fought in from day 1. My bookie got to the point were I had to put up 5000 to win 1000 in the end he just had enough and said "you can bet on if the sun will rise tomorrow,but no more Jones bets at any odds" top 10 all time no dought!

  2. What a well put together video. Doesn’t even belong on a free site like YouTube. Thank you for the time and effort put into making this incredibly entertaining. Not just in content, but in editing.

  3. How in the world could 23 minutes POSSIBLY go by SO fast!? I honestly hated for this to end. Crazy good job on this. THIS should be featured on Netflix or something.

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