Lamon Gamon!!

Everyone knows you never go full Kotaku…

Stand Up Act Opening-




Sony Releases Official PS5 Hardware Info- Backwards Compatible!

A New Hope – New EA Star Wars Game Might Not Suck!

Bioware Double Down On Anthem Fail With Rebooted ‘Live Service’ Dragon Age 4

Negative Reviews, Piracy and Boycotts: Epic Still Doesn’t Care

When You Want To Write About Politics But Your Editor Says No, This Happens…

What Happens When a Filthy Casual Reviews Sekiro?

We’re Disappointed That The Division 2 Isn’t Broken Garbage (Review)

Epic Claims Outer Worlds As Exclusive, And Steam Users Are Angry AF

Google Reveals New Gaming Platform And Controller (RIP Australian Internet)

The Laymen Play (And Man-Splain) The Division 2

Will Borderlands 3 Even Make It To Steam, Or Will Epic Claim Another Exclusive Prize?

The Anthem Community Have FINALLY Had Enough!

The Laymen Review Captain Marvel (Gruff White Male Edition)

Bioware Bans The Only Streamer Still Playing Anthem!

Why It Might Be Too Early To Declare Anthem A Total Failure…

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Workers Unite To Demand CEO Be Fired After 800 Staff Sacked…

Bethesda Responded To Us On Twitter About Rage 2 Cheat Codes!…

Inspired By Fallout 76 Cheating, Bethesda Tries To Monetise It In Rage 2…

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Clickbait YouTubers Agree: Apex Legends Doesn’t Suck…

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Metro Exodus Exclusive Deal Backfires For Publisher and Epic…

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Fortnite Crushes PUBG In Legal Battle:

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We wrap up E3 with YONG YEA

Why Rage 2 Was Our ‘Game of Show’

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Exclusive Info From Our 1 Hour Behind The Scenes Look (Cyberpunk 2077)…

Shill Up’s Thoughts on The Division 2…

Ubisoft Press Conference Reaction:

Sony E3 Press Conference Reaction:

Our View On Anthem Has Completely Changed (Anthem Impressions)…

Bethesda are winning E3:

What The Actual f%$ k were EA Thinking??? (EA Press Conference 2018)…

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Is The New Game Of The Generation (The Laymen Review)…

Bungie Are Charging Us 0 For This?…

Activision’s Worst Monetisation Model Ever Kills Beloved Franchise…
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20 thoughts on “Kotaku Goes 'Full Kotaku' With Massive Persona 5 Blunder

  1. I really want to watch the full version of the comedian in that video. Thanks for including it in the description!

  2. Laura kate dale who wrote this article is known round here for mudslinging. She tried to sink a local dev here in the uk. His crime? Making her home town out to be a shithole. It is. It ranked in the top 7 for vice in the uk depending on what you count as vice. So she decided to go after this dev and it backfired spectacularly. She is always pulling this crap and deserves the backlash. She is a complete twunt!

  3. To be honest, the word that they mistook for "retarded" sounded a lot like "Kotaku" to me 😀
    (English is my second language and my pronunciation is often wrong, so that's probably why. I think that's funny though 😀 )

  4. Even if it says "retarded" you're so triggered that you need to write a piece about a word in a work of art? What if she has to review a Tarantino movie? The language police needs to die already.

  5. We should be accusing P5 of pedophilia instead.

    The girls in the main cast of P5 are between the ages of 14 – 16.

    While there are adult females available for dating, and the dates are not sexual, the main girls have been sexualized – primarily in the MVs of the P5 dance game. 😐

    ⚠ And before any weeb wants to fight me on the legalities of seeing a 16 yr old as a woman,

    I'd just like you to know that it's been scientifically and empirically proven that:

    there is no such human being that reaches the level of adulthood in mind nor body until the age of 18 (at the very least).

    Any age below 18 are all incapable of making learned decisions independently without external influence.

    And I don't mean this in just a legal sense, I mean their brains are PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE (like that of a mentally handicapped person) of doing that.

    The part of the brain responsible for critical thinking and the decision making process are UNDER-DEVELOPED in teenagers.

    So when a 15 yr old says "Yes, I'll parade in lingerie and show my butt in a music video", that's not a legitimate yes. Their brains are physically incapable of making that independent uninfluenced decision.

    ✨ If you'd like to learn more about this, consider doing research about it by searching: "developmental psychology" and "teenage brain". 👍😃

    You really are taking advantage of children when you enforce or accept sexualization on a teen.

    Even if it is a 2D character, it's still sick. 😐

  6. Any idiot know that the word retard doesn’t only describe disabilities.

    It means to slow something.

    I hear ‘retard it’ in the song.

  7. In the Rolling Stones song "Angie" I could swear there was a line that sounded like "With no loving in ass-holes"; but looking at the lyrics it is actually, "With no loving in our souls".

  8. even without lyrics for that part…if they looked at the official lyrics for the rest of the song, taken in context what the song is about (striving for change and rising up against liars) its obvious its "retort it".

  9. Wtf is Persona? It looks good.

    checks google. Platform: PS4, PS3

    Fuck, that's why I haven't heard of it.

  10. She is clearly singing about a retry !!! lyrics are …

    Are you ready?

    Ready to pick up the pieces?

    Lets go, let's play, Restart it.

    I can play it .

    Are you ready.

    Uh Hua ..

    Yes it sounds as if she says retarded but as someone that is learning Japanese I have heard Japanese people mispronounce words.

    It also fits perfectly the way a native japanese speaker would say restart it.

  11. Jason Schreier really needs to leave Kotaku. It's a garbage-tier site. I don't know why he stays. His good work is dragged down simply by being associated with the site. I'm honestly surprised they even posted a retraction. You can't impugn an organization's integrity when they have none. They could've left it up and no one would've even noticed. That's just Kotaku. I'm sure it was more to avoid a lawsuit than anything. Wouldn't it be hilarious if, by this time next year, Kotaku was owned by Sega? They wouldn't be the first news organization (and I use the word "news" loosely in regards to Kotaku) to get sued into bankruptcy by someone they libeled/slandered.

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