20 thoughts on “Container Garden Harvest & Update #2 vegetable gardening plant raw food

  1. You've taken gardening for me, to a whole nother level.. With my limited space.. I grew, in ground.. cabbage, watermelon, okra, sweet peppers, banana and bell, yellow crooked neck, zucchini, pole beans(Kentucky wonder) Purple hull peas, and black eye ones too. oh. and cantaloupes. in containers.. cherry and, Roma tomatoes, cayenne pepper, jalapeño peppers, leaf. mesculin mix lectucce, red, yellow and green topped onions. I even tried to grow my cucumber in a container.. I had a lit of blooms, but they didn't do well for me.. I will try again next growing season.. I think it was a placement issue. So, thank you.. the only veggies I had to purchase. was potatoes, carrots.. I'm going for a 100% this next season. My daughters was in my garden and containers, like a farmers market.. I loved it… I have even been given large containers, compost. and fish emulsion by them.. my oldest, caught seeds in sale somewhere.. I can't see me buying any plants.. Your tutorial, is awesome.. Thank you on behalf of me and my family.

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