Cucumbers are a type of vegetable that can be planted in pots. Plant cucumbers in a garden with help from a longtime gardener in this free video clip.

Expert: Frank E. Buker
Bio: Frank E. Buker, also known as Farmer Ed, was raised on a farm in Maine, and has a lifetime of experience gardening.
Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez

Series Description: Different types of fruits and vegetables will require different planting techniques and care to properly maintain. Learn about food gardening with help from a longtime gardener in this free video series.
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20 thoughts on “Food Gardening : How to Plant Cucumbers in a Garden

  1. I used a 4ft x 12ft piece of concrete reinforcing mess. It may or may not work as I can't get my cucumber plants to grow. I planted pickle cuc's. The seeds germinated, but then died. We are having long stretches of hot windy weather here in north MO. But I keep my garden well watered with rain water. Right next to my cuc patch is a volunteer pumpkin plant from last year. Is the pumpkin plant killing my cucumber plants?

    There are some other cucumber plants about 20 feet away from mine here in our community garden. Though it is hot and dry, and I doubt that these plants were watered, they look good.

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