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Green Stalk –
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Vertical Gardening Tower

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20 thoughts on “GreenStalk Stackable Gardening System

  1. Note: before you start, Plant and stack at your intended permanent location for the growing season! Practically, you can't move it once its stacked.

  2. I love the update videos. I really like the tour videos where you talk about your future plans. Your place is like a dreamland and I love watching as you guys complete your projects. It’s so cool to watch your vision come to fruition.

  3. I'm late to the party, but definitely want updates. This product interests me. Hopefully the update contains a review. I am curious, though, about how you moved it into its final location, LOL!

  4. That looks pretty cool. But how do you get the flowers to have sunlight on the back side? I'm thinking maybe rotating it around.

  5. I realize this was prior to your move to the bigger property but I saw that you were still using it in your new greenhouse / cold frame. I would guess you would be able to adjust the height/layers to only 3 or 4 if you didn't wish to go up that high. It looks like something that may be good for an apartment dweller to use to raise some plants too.

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