Why Raised Garden Beds? Let me tell you!

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20 thoughts on “Why Raised Garden Beds? | The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening | Roots and Refuge Farm

  1. Love your beautiful flowers in the garden I've got lots of flowers near the garden it seems to make everything happier and produce heaps more then when I've had none 🙂 and i love raised beds this year i had amazing tomato plants I'm about to start chopping apples and tossing under them so they can ripen before to much later most of mine are green. the apple chunks help and i should get a nice crop to can this year. thanks for sharing your garden with us 🙂

  2. Will you be planting any flowers for fall?? Love how you have combined your veggies with your flowers! I’m about to plant my first garden in a raised bed! I have loved watching your channel!

  3. Hey Jesse, I just wanted to thank you for being real with the viewers. The past few weeks I have gotten so discouraged with my garden and really was considering quiting. This is my second season and still I don't feel as though I've gotten anywhere beside with tomatoes. Everything just keep getting ate up by the bugs and I can't get anywhere. The heat and all the rain here in Miam Florida isn't helping either. But from watching this video I feel better and even though I knew things were bad because basically its just that time of the season, it still frustrating not to get any sort of harvest… the last hope I had were some seedlings I had growing and this morning woke up to one of them being dead after looking so good yesterday.
    So Thank You for being real.

  4. 1st two tomatoes this year that started to turn red had developed bottom end rot. the 3rd that became red has zero juice inside. :/ now the cherry are starting to turn and yes, juice inside and no rot 😀 never know what you'll get even when experienced. I told myself I wasn't going to garden this year and did :/ next year, i won't garden so I can stop driving myself nuts with maintenance. I'm getting lazy.

  5. Our goal is to put in raised beds. I wanted to add to your reasons it's beneficial (at least where I live). We deal with hurricanes here in Florida. The ability to cover the bed and hope that it won't flood in a storm is one of the reasons why we want them in addition to all of your reasons. 😊

  6. When my mother lived in Paris, Arkansas, I made tall beds for her little garden using logs from a neighbors tree that had been cut down and not being utilized. Then covered it with purchased soil and goat manure from my goats. My husband and I live in an area where we have 2" – 3" topsoil and the rest is clay and sandstone. My husband used his box blade to dig out a 30' x 25' area and we filled it with dead trees from our woods. Covered it with the soil and then mulched it with mowed grass and fall leaves and pine needles. When we lived in Nebraska back in the late 80's into the 90's, I grew okra for the first time and had to climb a later to get the pods. Neighbor's were very inquisitive about the plant. They had know idea at that time what it was. I really like your beds with the tin sides. I might incorporate your idea into my garden space.

  7. I love, love, love, your garden. Hubby and I just worked four hours in the heat and humid weather today to weed, trim, water. We had to take breaks but got a lot done. We have two raised beds. Maybe tomorrow we will get the couple of tomatoes that aren't doing well any longer and move some marigolds and plant some chard, beans. My second round of zucchini is doing well and cucumbers and one pumpkin plant which hasn't flowered yet so not sure we will have any this year. It looks like day of first frost is Oct. 21st hear near Philadelphia, PA. I thought why not give it a chance? Continue teaching us cause I learn so much from you. I threw done some salt hay on the ground and put out five bags of soil, peeled back the bag and planted my starters into them. They are doing great. It increased the area of our small garden.

  8. I am 5'2" so I feel your shortness issues. 😂. I grow my cherry tomatoes on a short arch and kind of lay them over the top so I don't have to tie them high up and climb to reach the top.

  9. Please, M'Lady… don't mulch the pathways? The grass is so pretty and it does sequester carbon. It keeps a living root in your soil, (dormant part of the year but still alive), and builds organic matter. A quick edging with the trimmer along the beds and then mow your grass, mulching the trimmings into lawn area. There are a plethora of reasons to keep grass active, as are there pros to mulch walkways- I understand. But please give this suggestion some thought. I truly enjoy the videos y'all do. Thank you and God Bless. <><

  10. I have also tried year after year to grow stuff (mostly in pots) and for 13 years killed every single plant! hehe. This year hubby built me two 4/10 beds for labor alone. The wood came from construction sites (treated but by law sins 2012 its treated non toxicity ) and the soil came from people who bought trucks of it and were giving their leftovers for free. Then I needed compost yet I did not want to pay for it and starting a compost pile at that point meant I wont get to plant this year and so I tried something completely different based on years of following all sorts of composting methods and took a leap of faith… I thought to myself that if MIgardner feeds his vermicompost blended slurries of veg and fruit then what if I make slurries out of every veg and fruit we use in the house (I'm also a fantastic scratch cook) and add it to the soil to bring in earth worms to process and enrich the soil and give it tons of nutrients. plus I chop and drop and mulch with grass clippings every time hubby is mowing. Results: no plants had died hehe. My fennel do to the record breaking heat went straight to flower so I pulled them out. My cabbages are extremely slow (planted to late in to spring) so out of 6 we had eaten one medium small cabbage and I hope fall is going to boost them. My three pepper plants only gave two peppers that are still green and the 10 tomato plants are heavy with green tomatoes that won't turn red. We had about two handful red tomatoes from them.. I hope they will turn red for us sins It bugs me like crazy to buy tomatoes at the market when I DO have tomatoes in my beds. I also managed to keep one cucumber alive out of a whole pack of seeds I started and I hope It will get happier in the fall sins it struggles. Sounds like a complete fail but for me its a complete win sins I did not kill anything in my beds and even had one cabbage and a few on the way. I have learned tons and have a clear vision on my to does and not to do for next years planting (I'm at zone 4) and planning for this year to plant one of the beds with garlic on October. Still a long way to go but i'm learning big time :)) BTW Jess, If you want to talk scratch cooking I'm your girl. I come from a long line of homesteaders in Transilvania and have recipes that are passed down from one generation to the next. I also have great recession (not necessary the american one) recipes and marocan and middle eastern in general sins they have this pride in cooking from scratch like Italians do and that's just the foundation. add a passion for cooking and and you find me working on the pocket pita bread for 10 years because I like them plump and meaty with even walls so I can fill it with all kinds of good sauces and it wouldn't rip or drip hehe.
    Dreaming my homestead to 🙂

  11. I'm curious, how tall do you think your trellises would be if you didn't have your raised beds, and the ends went to the ground? I am hoping I could make that work.

  12. I've got 2 4' deep raised beds I like to do potatoes and cucumbers and tomatoes in. And 3 2' deep raised beds for most of my other veggies n containers seem to keep my tomatoes happy lol I guess cuz I can put them in the best sun all day as it moves (lots of trees in the back yard that the neighbors across the alley won't trim :-/

  13. So much great info. Thanks for sharing it. I'm finding out about cross pollination & it's truly disheartening to purchase a specific variety of squash & have it cross pollinated by bees coming from other places. I have to get up early each morning & pollinate them by hand to ensure I get a squash that is to my liking. The cross pollinated squash are edible, but they just don't taste right & they grow so differently. Over time, I probably won't be so picky. I'm just into my first year & so far, the 4 plants & purchased have grown into monsters & produce enough food for us & all of my neighbors. I used grow bags inside of old milk crates. Easy to slide out of the hot sun when needed. Next year, raised beds. In zone 8 Northern California.

  14. I can relate! Sick tomatoes but they are still producing nice fruit. I love raised beds, too. You inspired me to grow bigger next year. Can’t wait to try some of the varieties you have shared on your channel.

  15. That is an excellent point about the value of investment! Our bed set up is very similar to yours except we used untreated pine 2×4s knowing that they would eventually have to be replaced. This is our fifth season in the beds and they are just now getting to the point that we are going to have to replace them. We're considering investing in a sawmill for my husband's hardscaping business…so hopefully we'll be doing cedar on the next go round.

  16. Great video! I discovered this year the value of planting seeds in an aged compost pile of goat and rabbit manure. It was my only successful year of growing pumpkins

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