11 Gardening Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind Away. Gardening is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle – one that helps you relax and unwind, while connecting with the nature that surrounds you, at the same time. If you are just getting started with gardening, then here is a collection of 11 useful tips that will help you get the hang of this wonderful hobby and make it part of your daily routine.


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  1. Umm… snails eats eggshells for protein for their shell tho… I fed my snails egg shells once a week

  2. These are junk tips that provide little or no actual benefit to your garden, and many if applied even slightly wrong will kill your plants. Cooking water will not provide any nutrition just hydration. Pull and mulch to stop weeds, use organics like neem or potassium salt,as well as hand picking and encouraging native wildlife to control pest. Properly compost mulched soil will not need weird additives like baking soda or peroxide. Stop looking for short cuts and do it right.

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